Tens of thousands of unsuspecting drivers have been slapped with bogus tickets based on illegal speed limit signs, and no one has ever sued the cities and towns to put an end to this widespread hoax. That is, until now. The pending class-action lawsuit of Belezos v. Board of Selectmen asserts legal claims which seek the following results:

If motorists win this class-action suit, the bogus speeding tickets will be vacated, both the fines and insurance surcharges will be refunded, the phony signs will be taken down, and will never again be allowed as evidence in court to dupe unsuspecting motorists into paying a fine.

Traffic cases such as this raise factual allegations, legal, equitable and constitutional issues that are rarely litigated because of the small amount of money involved. Nevertheless, these issues affect tens of thousands of persons challenging motor vehicle infractions every year. Although the fines here are small, the questions of law and equity are substantial.