Con’s Motorists

Common experience demonstrates that the payment of a traffic citation is simply a matter of expedience for the average motorist. Moreover, failure to pay would result in the automatic suspension of their driver’s license and registration.  To avoid this fate, many unsuspecting motorists are conned into paying what amounts to an illegal fine.

Suffering insult to injury, the Speeding violation is recorded on the motorist’s driving record for six years, and he faces automobile insurance surcharges and the potential loss of his employment if it involves driving a company commercial vehicle.

The freedom to make use of one’s own motor vehicle, as a means of getting about from place to place, whether in pursuit of business or pleasure, is a liberty which under the Fourteenth Amendment cannot be denied or curtailed by a state without due process of law (however important traffic enforcement is). Losing one’s driver’s license is more serious for some individuals than a brief stay in jail. Once licenses are issued, their continued possession may become essential in the pursuit of a livelihood.